About us

HODTV.NET is the only one international platform completely dedicated to the HORROR AND THRILLER genres.
Infact it collects and transmits, in streaming mode, only horror and thriller contents coming from festivals, and top independent producers.
You could find thousand of classic movies and also VR movies, produced by the most talentuous and independent producers and also, provide to the users and lovers of the genre, a high quality and innovative service.
HODTV.NET offers a low-cost monthly subscription based service to access of all high quality contents inside.
It is the only one horror and thriller platform, paying producers and festivals for the time their movie is watched dividing with them the real 50% of his nett income!

You can watch HODTV.NET using the free app available in the Apple and Google app stores, on any internet connected device, and on home entertainment systems just like Cromecast, FireTV and more.
We are conscious that the passion is the best weapon for whom, just like us, is a lover of horror and thriller movies and we are so glad to give the world the chance to best know this incredible and amazing world.