About us

HODTV is a brand-new international streaming platform for independent horror and thriller film.
The idea originated from a creative group of indie producers, in collaboration with some of the major Film Festivals, distributors and partners well-known worldwide , and offers you the opportunity to access high quality horror and thriller film.

Our goal, on a global scale, aims to discover new productions, that are independent and therefore not subject to market laws, trends and decision from the top, to convey the best quality and originality of the film with no filters.

HODTV won't stream stereotyped, sugarcoated or trivial stories, on the contrary is exists to award you with genuine, intense and representative products coming from the indie world, that will excite and spark your emotions, even for the time of a short movie.

Our double purpose is, on one side to offer our audience films that would be otherwise hard to access and on the other side to encourage and spread everywhere independent productions.

HODTV... caring about scaring!